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Green Fog represents a new and innovative Italian reality in the vaping’s world. It is highly focused to constantly looking for assured and quality e-liquid. The Company arise with the purpose of sharing powers, experience and success of long-established enterprise like TOB Italia leds by Rino Cucci and by influential personalities like Dr. Fortunato Francia.
Everyone of the protagonists Green Fog’s project have their own story, with well defined goal and with specific competence.

“Any prescription or product is the result of a costant and careful search that chasing perfection”.

Dr. Fortunato Francia - Co-Founder
R&D Director
Rino Cucci - Co-Founder
Sales Director
To Be Pharma
Production & Quality Control


We spend our energies to formulate e-liquids and flavours of strong emotional impact; we focus with passion and precision in the study of flavors and of new innovative and aromatic bouquet.
Strictly made in Italy, total security and use of high technology installations; we utilize certificate raw materials of high quality, exclusively of pharmaceutical and food grade.


All products, also even those without nicotine, are TDP compliants , it means that our e-liquids containing exclusively food flavourings ( natural/natural identical); are not used: diacetyl, acetyl propionyl (2,3- pentanedione) and other aromatic molecules included in the European TDP black list.

30 + 10 ml - Nicotina Zero
VG:PG = 80:20
Aroma 10ml

...a whole other music!


Electro Collection

Premium quality e-juice - Shake & Vape 30ml flavored for 40ml

Pistachio, cereals, cream and almonds
Beat Jack
Tobacco with whisky and wild honey
Nord Sound
Pine needles, alpine herbs and hints of musk.
Jam Session
Tobacco, toasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate
Voxy Boom
Tobacco, vanilla and caramel
Pitch Bend
Tobacco, green hay and chamomile
Indie Pop
Pop corn, cereals, vanilla, caramel, cotton candy
Noise Delay
Shortbread, custard, lemon zest
Loud Cafe
Coffee, caramel, cocoa and foam milk
Choc Effect
Sponge cake, shortbread and chocolate
Disco Wahwah
Pineapple, peppermint and coconut milk
Bass Line
Traditional Sicilian Drink with almond milk, barley and Ice.
Arp 1996
Fresh red&wild fruits salads with little hints of Strawberry Grapes.
Mostra altro


Why electro line? Why music?
In our opinion music is the first and better abstract language, universal semiotics that anyone can understand. No matter who you are , where you came from or what language you speak. Your hearing, taste and smell can communicate at unison speaking the same language.
Nothing better than a smell, a taste or a melody will be able to relive our memories and our deepest emotions.

To everything add on a modern project idea inspired to technology, to electronic music, to percussions primal beat of tribal rhythms.
Music that make you dance without knowing why. Our success will be to relive you the same emotional environment.
Electro line is not only a flavourings collection with a casual name:

it’s a project, an idea, a mission!

Concept by Doctor Fortunato Francia

&  Khiljeau Design Studio





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Green Fog S.r.l.

Via Vittorio Veneto 30, 00043

Ciampino (RM)

Tel. +39.3701429081

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